Lay in bed both looking and feeling lifeless.

Thinking about everything, about all of the worst possible outcomes that could come and hit you in the face.

Palpitations kicking in and the pressure in your head just keeps coming back…

It’s not nice living with anxiety. It’s difficult. Sitting in the livingroom with your mum but having to walk out of there – saying nothing for the rest of the evening unless she approaches you first to say goodnight.

An overwhelming feeling of drowning with nobody there that can help you no matter how much they try. Reaching into the water but just not far enough to bring you back to the reality you will still have to face when you ‘get over it’.

You never really get over it, just wait for the next one to come. Attacking you from nowhere like a swarm of wasps protecting their world from the one thing that could possibly destroy it. It just so happens that it’s you they’re attacking.

Life is full of unexpected surprises. It’s just a shame not all surprises are a good thing to everyone.

I’m being suffocated by myself and I have no way to stop it from happening to me. Do you know how frustrating that is? Slowly killing the person I am yet being able to do nothing about it.

I’m a bubbly girl, always happy, always smiling. It would be nice if I didn’t have to fake the person that I am. I act like the person I want to be instead.

I don’t want to be here like this anymore. It really is difficult.


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